Ben Foster predicts staggering cost of shirts Man Utd star Cristiano Ronaldo has given out during career

BEN FOSTER tried to calculate the cost Cristiano Ronaldo has stumped up to give his shirts away over the course of his career.

Pro footballers tend to be given two shirts per match – but usually must pay their club to cover the expenses if they donate any to opposition players or fans.

Cristiano Ronaldo regularly gives his shirt away after matches - to fans or opponents


Cristiano Ronaldo regularly gives his shirt away after matches – to fans or opponentsCredit: Rex
Ben Foster worked out the total cost in a YouTube video


Ben Foster worked out the total cost in a YouTube videoCredit: Instagram @thecyclinggk

Watford goalkeeper Foster, a team-mate of Ronaldo’s at Manchester United for two seasons, tallied up his prediction of how many jerseys the Portuguese star has given away.

And multiplying that figure by the average cost of a match shirt – not the cheaper replica version – leaves a bonkers total.

Foster told his TheCyclingGK YouTube channel: “Right guys, Cristiano Ronaldo gives his shirt away pretty much every single game, but what you don’t know, is us footballers actually have to pay for every single shirt we give away

“Now don’t get me wrong, this is not going to touch the sides of Cristiano’s bank balance, however, let’s go through the maths of how many shirts this guy has given away.

“So, he’s played 1,100 games in his career and you get two shirts per game.

“I’m not saying he gives every shirt away every single game but, in those 1,100 games, you would like to think he’s given one away every single game, pretty much, give or take one or two.


“So, we’ll start with that figure: 1,100 games. If you look at the price of what these shirts cost nowadays, the current home Man Utd shirt costs £100.

“Don’t get me wrong, back in the day, they were a little bit cheaper, £50 or £60. So, let’s work on they cost on average £70.”

A stunned Foster then added: “1,100 shirts times £70 is £77,000. Whaaaaat?”

That may seem like a mammoth amount, enough to buy a very nice car or two, from the uber-generous Ronaldo, who last year raised funds by auctioning a Portugal shirt for victims of a volcano blast in La Palma.

But Foster rightly points out that it hasn’t come at too much of a cost for Ronaldo, who gets paid around £480,000 per week at Old Trafford.

And even if that drops to £360,000 by United failing to qualify for the Champions League, he will surely survive with a £100 or £200 a week being taken back by the Red Devils to make sure he has a kit to wear for the next game.

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