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Cristino Ronaldo Jr has signed for Manchester United in a stunning deal – and will also wear the shirt of his prestigious father. The 11-year-old has been playing for the academy at the club this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo Jr is following in his father’s footsteps after penning a professional deal with Manchester United.

It comes after months of playing for the club’s academy, a move which happened after Ronaldo Sr returned to Old Trafford in the summer.

The announcement came inadvertently through fellow youngster Gabriel on his Instagram, who has also signed a contract with United.

In a post that has nearly 7,000 likes, Jjnr10 said: “Delighted to finally have my signing day done even better to have mine with teammates @cristiano JR.”

The youngster is sponsored by Nike and already has over 25,000 followers whereas Ronaldo Jr has yet to open an Instagram account.

Ronaldo’s child followed him to United after leaving Juventus’ academy last summer as his father did to make a sensational return to Old Trafford.

The last time the five-time Ballon d’Or winner played for the Red Devils, his son had not even been born.

But he now has the opportunity to go up through the ranks at United while his dad has already stated he would not pressure him to get into football.

In a Netflix documentary centred on his other half Georgina Rodriguez, Ronaldo said of his son’s ability: “Only time will tell. I will never pressure him. He will do what he wants.

“Also what I want the most for Cristianito and everyone else is that they’re happy and that they choose what they want. I will support in any way.”

Ronaldo, 37, also admitted that he is reluctant to give his son a mobile phone – like many others his own age.

He said: “Definitely it helps a lot. It helped me and the people here, all the world, and I think we have to take advantage of that but we shouldn’t be obsessed with it.

“For example, I can give you a small impression. My oldest child is going to be 12 years old soon and he asks me every time, ‘Daddy, can I have a phone, can I have a phone, can I have a phone.’

“I say to him, ‘Cristiano, you have time.’

“I know as well that this young generation are one step ahead of their age so I agree that we have to take advantage of that but not to be obsessed about technology.”

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