Dimitar Berbatov on why Man Utd are suffering at the moment

After being asked about United’s attack, Berbatov, who is coming back to Old Trafford to play in the Legends of the North game next month, replied: “When you put it like this, I think it’s a bit short of options. Cristiano Ronaldo still can score goals and I’m pleased with everything he’s doing so far.

“Anthony Elanga is emerging on the scene and he’s a great talent. I hope Marcus Rashford can find his footing and get into the form we know he has. He can score goals and terrorise defences and the thing is I can agree we are not scoring enough goals to win the games.

“I can clearly remember, and Wes can back me up here, when you win 1-0, 1-0, 1-0 down the road and that’s enough to get three points. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen at the the moment and, because of that, we are suffering and losing points where we should win points in games so we can finish as high as possible in the table.”

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