Jose Mourinho: Michael Owen’s reaction after ex-Man Utd boss slammed him on live TV

Jose Mourinho has never been afraid to say how he feels and the Portuguese coach put Michael Owen on blast in stunning fashion in 2016.

It came after Owen had questioned Manchester United’s signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, saying the Swede: “wasn’t the long-term type of player.”

“At some point Man United have got to find the next Wayne Rooney, buying him at 18, 19, or producing one themselves,” Owen added.

Mourinho destroyed Owen

As a pundit, Owen is asked to give his opinions. It certainly wasn’t the craziest thing the former England striker has said over the years, either.

Yet Ibrahimovic was pretty special in his debut season at Old Trafford and at the time Mourinho heard Owen’s comments, he had scored 13 goals in 23 appearances for the club.

So, naturally, Mourinho was going to relish the opportunity to stick it to the pundit.

Unfortunately for Owen, his reaction as Mourinho completely ruined him was shown by BT Sport.

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Michael Owen watches on

What did Mourinho say?

“Zlatan – your colleague Michael Owen doesn’t like him – but the reality is that Zlatan will score more goals in one season than Michael Owen in three seasons at Man United,” Mourinho said.

“He scored 17 goals in three seasons. Zlatan is almost there in six months, so he’s not a bad choice for us.”

All Owen could do was sit and awkwardly smile.

“Managers are getting awfully touchy, aren’t they?,” he said afterwards.

He jokingly added: “I think my goals were of more value to Man United because I cost about 10 per cent of what Zlatan’s on a week.”

BT Sport’s producer deserved a payrise for capturing the entire moment.

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Of course, Ibrahimovic’s Man United career was never the same after the knee injury he suffered in their Europa League clash against Anderlecht in 2017.

But considering the Swede is still banging in goals for AC Milan at the age of 40, it’s hard not to wonder what might have been for him at Manchester.

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