Man City and Man Utd fans may have to fork out £700 a season to watch Premier League games on TV

Watching football on TV could cost fans over £700 this season if they want access to all the games.

The new domestic season will soon be upon us and fans up and down the country are eager to find the best sport packages available in order to follow the action in front of their television sets.

However, they will be hit with whopping charges if they subscribe to all the packages available and games that will be shown live on TV.

A total of 200 Premier League matches will be broadcast live in the UK this season, which is more than in any campaign prior to the covid-19 pandemic.

The matches will be shared out amongst three broadcasters – Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Amazon.

A BT subscription also gets you access to the Champions League, Europa League, and FA Cup, while Sky Sports also includes the EFL cup.

But while fans are now able to watch more games on TV than ever before, many are concerned about how much it all costs.
As part of a series of investigations into the cost of football, the Reach Data Unit has found that getting the full range of sport channel subscriptions could set new customers back between £479.90 and £719.70 a season, depending on TV provider.

The websites of four of the UK’s major paid-for TV providers – Sky, Virgin, BT, and Talk Talk – were visited to see how much new customers would have to pay to add sports channels to a TV package.

The prices quoted in the study are only for the cost of adding sport channels and don’t include any other subscription charges. Some customers may be able to find better deals, such as those who are also signing up for broadband, or those that have been with the company for some years.

The cheapest deal found as part of the Data Unit’s study was BT’s Big Sport Package, which gets BT Sport and Sky Sport channels for £40.00 a month.

Add on the £7.99 monthly cost of Amazon Prime and that works out at £47.99 a month, or £479.90 over the 10-month long football season.

However, that package requires you to sign up for 24 months in total, so actually works out at £960.00 over the length of the contract, not including the Amazon Prime subscription.

BT also had the cheapest deal for those not wanting to sign up to a 24-month contract: their customers can get BT Sport for £15.00 a month and Sky Sports for £33.99 a month. Add Amazon Prime to that and it works out at £56.98 a month, or £569.80 for the season.

Virgin Media were advertising BT Sport at £18.00 a month, and Sky Sports at £31.75 a month. Together with Amazon Prime that comes to £57.74 a month, or £577.40 for the season.

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Sky TV customers will pay £32.00 for Sky Sports, and £27.00 for BT Sport. Together with Amazon that comes to £66.99 a month, or £669.90 a season.

Talk Talk, meanwhile, came in at £33.99 a month for Sky Sports and £29.99 for BT Sport, which works out as £71.97 a month, or £719.70 a season.

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