Man Utd: Cristiano Ronaldo’s forgotten wonder goal that he compared to Portsmouth strike

Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United has made fans all giddy.

No doubt even neutral supporters are quietly excited about the prospect of one of the greatest footballers in history returning to the Premier League after more than a decade on the continent.

Besides, considering that Ronaldo is now marching towards his 40th birthday, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the constant rumours of a reunion with the Red Devils was nothing more than gossip.

Ronaldo’s first Man Utd spell

But alas, here we are and Ronaldo’s triumphant return has encouraged the Old Trafford faithful to look back on some of the greatest moments that he delivered during his first stint at the club.

No doubt his header in the 2008 Champions League final and stunning hat-trick against Newcastle United come to mind, but we’re inclined to think that one of Ronaldo’s goals stands out in particular.


Yes, that’s right, we are indeed talking about Ronaldo’s free-kick for the ages against Portsmouth, which has admittedly been replayed and replayed to the point of tedium on Premier League shows.

However, hold that thought because what if we were to tell you that Ronaldo might actually have scored an even better free-kick for United than the one that left David James baffled.


When did Cristiano Ronaldo make his debut for Manchester United?

Ronaldo on his greatest ever free-kick

And no, we’re not coming out with some left-field opinion for the sake of a cheeky headline because even the man himself thinks that this forgotten free-kick competes with his Portsmouth stunner.

In fact, when Ronaldo was interviewed by Sky Sports after lashing home that goal against Pompey, he was asked by Geoff Shreeves whether it was the greatest free-kick that he had ever scored.

“It’s difficult,” the United star responded. “Maybe the best. Maybe. I don’t know. I remember against Europe here as well was nice. It’s difficult to say. But maybe this one is the best.”

Ronaldo’s forgotten worldie vs Europe XI

Against Europe, you say, Cristiano? Well, fear not, because we’ve used the forever-convenient medium of YouTube to find that very free-kick and it certainly holds its own against the Portsmouth strike.

And that’s no small statement, so be sure to check out the stunning strike down below:

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Oh my goodness me. Look at the distance. Look at the movement.

Ronaldo’s remarkable strike

You could tell from the moment the ball left Ronaldo’s boot that the remarkable ‘knuckle ball’ whip would leave the goalkeeper with no chance, finding the exact same top corner as the Portsmouth goal.

And I don’t know about you, but it genuinely shoots right up there with the aforementioned wonder goal when it comes to Ronaldo’s greatest ever United goals, even if it was technically a friendly.


For those wondering, United were playing a European XI comprised of players like Andrea Pirlo, Steven Gerrard and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to celebrate the European Union’s 50th anniversary.

The Red Devils eventually emerged victorious with a 4-3 scoreline, but it was Ronaldo’s stunning free-kick that has endured the most and United fans will be hoping for more of the same in 2021.

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