Man Utd fan Scott Martin recalls his first Old Trafford experience


There are numerous scenes in the Jason Bourne film series where the titular assassin tries to piece together his past through flashes of key memories. 

That’s exactly what it’s like for me trying to recall my first ever experience of an Old Trafford matchday. 

I only remember a few moments clearly, with the rest being lost in the fog of time. My dad waking me (shortly after I’d gone to bed) to tell me he was taking me to Old Trafford. Walking over a bridge to see this vast stadium in all its glory. Then the memory which has lingered longest: walking up the steps from the concourse to enter the stadium bowl for the very first time. 

Closing my eyes I can still see it now.

I was instantly struck by those huge floodlights illuminating both the night sky and the mammoth pitch below. For a young boy, aged about six or seven, it really was the most breathtaking moment. 

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