Man Utd flop “really p****d off” Dimitar Berbatov

Former Manchester United and Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov said United flop Anderson used to really “p*** home off in training sessions.

The Bulgarian wizard played alongside the Brazilian midfielder for four seasons, winning two Premier League titles, two League Cups, the Champions League and the Club World Cup together. But despite his enormous trophy collection, Anderson’s reputation in the Premier League is considerably worse than many of his former United teammates.

Former United team mate and international compatriot to Anderson, Rafael da Silva once said the former Porto and Fiorentina midfielder could have been the “best player in the world” had he not enjoyed McDonalds so much. And Berbatov added extra credence to Rafael’s words as he named Anderson as the club’s worst trainer.

“The worst trainer… I must say Anderson. Although he had a lot of quality and talent and was really good on his day, at training sessions, he really p****d me off sometimes,” Berbatov said on behalf of Betfair.

“Like I maybe used to p*** some players off, Anderson used to p*** me off.” Anderson made 181 appearances for the Reds between 2007 and 2015.

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Berbatov believes Anderson was United's worst trainer
Berbatov believes Anderson was United’s worst trainer

As well as naming Anderson as the club’s worst trainer, Berbatov moved to the other extreme and named Gary Neville as the club’s best trainer. Berbatov and Anderson both shared a dressing room with the former United captain when he was in his later years at Old Trafford.

And Berbatov stated Neville’s determination to defy his age and prove he could still mix with the club’s younger stars had a profound effect on him. “Purely on training and wanting to produce every session and working hard, I must say Gary Neville.

“He used to train really hard every single session,” Berbatov said about the beloved Sky Sports pundit and 12-time Premier League winner. “He had great professionalism and he always wanted to still show that he was better than the other players around him. Even at that age when I was there, he was still showing the young lads that he was better than them.”

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