Man Utd news: Simon Jordan slams Gary Neville again as pundit told he’s talking ‘nonsense’ | Football | Sport

He said in early April: “Good advice is something you can never have too much of but sometimes you have to make a decision based upon what you know to be the case rather than other people parroting in your ear about half the facts they know. Gary Neville doesn’t know all the facts.”

Jordan also claimed in February that Neville was part of the same culture as a player that the pundit has been so critical of about the current United squad. Jordan said: “There is a culture but you were part of this culture. You were a backroom lawyer as a player.

“You believed players had the right to say what they wanted, when they wanted. And you did it regularly.”

And last December, Jordan said a lot of Neville’s views are not correct. He commented: “But there is a point when you get to the scenario and you say, ‘hang on a second, someone has sent you a memo somewhere along the line that your opinion is unassailable’, where it isn’t because a lot of what Gary says doesn’t stand up.”

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