Man Utd news: Sky Sports urged to step in as Gary Neville slammed for ‘unprofessionalism’ | Football | Sport

“I think it’s when you’re doing a co-comm and you’re creating a mix. It’s the stance that they’ve taken, Sky.”

However, Jordan hit back and questioned why both the viewer and Sky would want a co-commentator behaving like Neville did. Jordan responded: “Why do we want this?

“We want good commentary, we want insightful commentary, we want enthusiastic commentary. What we don’t want is somebody wrapped up in a Man United scarf, cheering the goal in a big game that goes around the world. Why would Sky want it? It goes around the world.”

Neville reacted to criticism over his commentary earlier this week. He tweeted that he will “continue to do both” when it comes to giving expert analysis as well as ‘fan-boy antics’.

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