Man Utd ‘noisy neighbours’ jab, Man City ‘robbed’, ‘best’ derby of all-time – On this day | Football | Sport

The referee was deemed to have “robbed” City according to Hughes for his poor timekeeping, which had become known as ‘Fergie time’, while his United counterpart believed his side could have scored seven goals.

“It could have been an embarrassment, 6-0 or 7-0, if we defended our proper way,” claimed Ferguson. “We could have won by a big score but by making mistakes, which was the essence of the game, we probably were in the best derby game of all time.

“Sometimes you’ve got a noisy neighbour and you have to live with it. You can’t do anything about them and they keep on making noise. But what you can do, and what we’ve shown today, is that you can get on with your life, put your television on and turn it up a bit louder. The players showed their playing power and that’s the best answer of all. But they will always be noisy!”

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