Man Utd only ranked No.2 on list of world’s most loved sports teams

Manchester United may believe that they are the biggest football club worldwide, but they are only ranked second on the list of the most loved sports teams.

United have certainly fallen off their perch in terms of quality, but they are still well known across the globe, with fans dotted all over the planet. It’s not rare to see United shirts while away on holiday, or touring the most obscure countries, but a recent study shows that Real Madrid are the most loved sports team in the world.

The Red Devils have had to settle for a close second, although both teams are well clear of their competition. Football teams have dominated the top 10 of most loved teams, with only NBA side Golden State Warriors sneaking into the mix.

The study was carried out by Betsperts, who undertook a global investigation to see which teams were the most searched on Google, in each country in the world. And football teams have dominated their list, with European sides proving their prestige once again.

Real are out in front as 53 countries appear to search for Los Blancos more than any other sports team, and United are a close second with a total of 50 loyal nations. Then there is a quite a gap between them and Barcelona, who are third with 23 countries.

NBA side Golden State Warriors sneak into the top 10, and it’s likely that the global love for Stephen Curry has boosted their global footprint. But there are a few other teams down the list that have a rather surprising following.

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Stephen Curry is one of the most iconic NBA stars
Stephen Curry is one of the most iconic NBA stars

Again, these come from NBA sides, with the Dallas Mavericks being adored by Slovenia, and the Denver Nuggets boasting a huge following from Serbia. However, with Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic their main stars from those nations, they’re clearly well followed back home.

United won’t be happy to fall short to Real, and they’ll be hoping that if Erik ten Hag can turns things around that they may climb to the top. United have gone from dominating England to struggling to finish in the top six, and Ten Hag has a huge job on his hands.

Los Blancos on the other hand, are preparing to face Liverpool in Saturday’s Champions League final, and could complete the double this season. They have constantly defied the odds in the competition to make the final, but Liverpool will be the toughest test of all.

Here is the top 10 of the world’s most loved sports teams, courtesy of Betsperts.

1. Real Madrid – 53 countries

2. Manchester United – 50 countries

3. Barcelona – 23 countries

4. Paris Saint-Germain – 21 countries

5. Chelsea – 10 countries

6. Liverpool – 6 countries

7. Bayern Munich – 4 countries

8. Juventus – 4 countries

9. Arsenal – 3 countries

10. Golden State Warriors – 3 countries

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