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How The Game Of Soccer Was Actually Invented

Soccer is a game that is extremely popular around the world and it does not take a giant leap of the imagination to picture its origins as being two people in some ancient civilization throwing together a ball constructed out of some relatively soft material and kicking it about as a form of entertainment. This particular image is easy to create due to the fact that, in order to have a game, you need very little in the way of equipment to get started. It is thanks to its simplicity that the game has enjoyed so much success particularly in…

How Geometry Is Used in Soccer

All across the globe, numerous people in different places love soccer. Over the years, this amazing game of teamwork and skillfulness has certainly captured the attention and the hearts of many.

Eight Tips to Make Your Soccer Training Sessions More Effective

We all know the importance of practice when it comes to perfecting our skills. This is very true when it comes to perfecting soccer skills.

All About Soccer Drills

As we all know, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Millions of people from all walks of life enjoy watching it because it is exciting.

Best Soccer Goalkeepers

Association football, also known as soccer, is such a widely known game that not one person in this world is oblivious to it. Its popularity has been around since the beginning of time making it one of the oldest and most love sport around. One of the most watched games when it comes to soccer has to be the FIFA cup or known more technically as the International Federation of Association Football.

Best National Soccer Teams

In no particular order, below is a list of some of the best national soccer teams in the world, based on performance, popularity and FIFA rankings over the years: Brazil – Brazil holds the tag as the best national soccer team in the world having the world cup a record six times, most recently in 2002. They are also the only national team to have played in every world cup. Brazil has itself produced some of the greatest names in the sport such as Pele, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Zico and Socrates.

Skill Emphasis – Passing the Ball

Successfully passing the ball is a skill that all players must master in order for their team to maintain control in the game. It is of vital importance for the coach to designate when it is important to pass the ball and when to continue dribbling and not pass it.

Drill 1 – Capture the Cone

In order to maintain a happy, successful soccer team, skills will need to be introduced and practiced daily. These skills should provide a positive outcome and help build self-esteem.

Explained: Top Essentials Of Street Soccer Games

Street soccer games first started as social pastime among teenagers, but now they have become a social activity for people of all ages. As the term suggests, they are done on the streets and not on the typical soccer battlegrounds. There are no nets for goals. Additionally, there are no rules and regulations to comply with – that makes every match very exciting.

Manchecter United V Everton Preview (Monday Night)

United officially start their Premier league campaign on Monday against Everton. After last season’s dramatic final day title loss to City, United must want to get a good start against Everton.

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