Man Utd v Leeds Utd 1999/00 FA Premiership (Highlights)

A Preview of Ukraine for The Euros

The ghost of Lobanovskyi still looms large over the current Ukrainian team, managed by Oleh Blokhin. Having been a key player for Lobanovskyi, Blokhin is a true disciple of his former manager. His ceaseless restlessness, constantly seeking improvement, a keen eye for detail, huge emphasis on the team and system of the team and a disciplinarian approach in demanding the very best from his players. Blokhin will go into 2012 with realistic ambitions, but there won’t be a more determined nation to do well, indeed many sections of the media and fans haven’t been shy in demanding a Euro 2012 win.

The Ghost of Lobanovskyi

Shevchenko once described Lobanovskyi as “the God and father of Ukrainian football” and indeed, Lobanovskyi’s mark on football in the Ukraine, and in former Soviet states in general, still plays a significant role. With all European eyes on Ukraine as Euro 2012 looms large and with the ghost of Lobanovskyi never far from view, where does Ukraine stand going into the tournament?

Euro 2012 Team Profile: Ukraine

Ukraine, along with neighbours Poland, host Euro 2012, the pinnacle of European football. Though they have the much-required home support, Ukraine would not fancy themselves to be serious contenders for the crown. In a tournament that features current world and European champion, Spain and many former champions, the Ukrainians would consider themselves underdogs. However, they have sprung a surprise once in a while and they are more than capable of doing so again.

Being a Soccer (Football) Goalkeeper – The Bad and the Good

There are a few common misconceptions about soccer (called “football” everywhere other than in the United States) goalkeepers. Let’s take a look at these and then examine how things really are.

How to Choose Football Gifts for Kids

Children develop a love for football from the youngest of ages and that is especially true if there are football fans in their own families. Being a fan of a certain team is often something that spans generations and continues on as a tradition. If your little one has developed a love for a specific team or if you want him or her to develop their fondness for it then you need to know what to do. Knowing what kids like is essential and of course, the best way to get to the heart of a child is through gifts. Football gifts for kids will allow little ones to develop their loyalty, to display it and to be proud of it. Read more…

Evolution of Soccer Balls

Most people don’t know it but soccer balls were not as aerodynamic, soft, and aesthetically pleasing as the very first balls used in the sport. The people who do not know the history of soccer balls might get surprised, or maybe even disgusted, when they find out that the very first balls were made from animals. During the earliest days of the game the balls that were used for each game was made from an animal bladder.

United Peace With 2012 Euro Cup

Football is a unifier of nations around the world. Euro Cup have drawn attention to most of world population. It is a European sport celebration that concerns the world community.

Differences Between Soccer Boots Today and Yesterday

Soccer, or football depending where a person lives, is one of the most popular sports around the world, which is why a lot of people buy soccer boots. Most contact sports require specialized gear in order for it to played. American football for example has helmets and padding, Hockey has ice skates and soccer has soccer boots.

Manchester City Did Not Earn the Premier League Trophy, They Bought It

Manchester City won the premier league trophy a few weeks ago after scoring two injury time goals against a stubborn QPR to lift the 2011-12 premiership trophy. While their rival clubs live within their natural means, Manchester City simply bought their success.

England’s Pre-Tournament Jinx Continues At Euro 2012

England’s major tournament disappointments have continued with injuries robbing them of three players before the tournament even kicks off. Frank Lampard, John Rudy and Gareth Barry will all miss Euro 2012 having picked up injuries.

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