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Erik Ten Hag’s lifelong friend on what Manchester United players can expect

Leon ten Voorde has known Erik ten Hag since they were four. The ‘Tukkers’, the nickname for residents of Twente, would cycle to school together and it amuses Ten Voorde his friend, who was always late in the morning, is now a ‘disciplinarian control freak’ at Ajax.

In an illuminating and insightful piece for the Dutch newspaperAlgemeen Dagblad , Ten Voorde, who is still in touch with Ten Hag, recalled the ‘rebellious adolescent at a dancing lesson who didn’t hesitate to punch a lout twice his size’. He has known Ten Hag, the Manchester United manager-elect, for 48 years, their shared experiences ranging from football to their occupation as altar boys.

Ten Hag was the captain of their youth team club Bon Boys, where he is still a member. It was there he developed the leadership characteristics that are just as, if not more, important than his coaching credentials as he prepares to detoxify the United dressing room. As a budding coach at Twente, the first thing Ten Hag told those in the junior team was their annual holiday had been slashed by two weeks.

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