Marc Skinner exclusive Q and A to preview Man Utd v Everton at Old Trafford 27 March 2022

How close do you feel this group is away from the Lyons and the Barcelonas of the world?
“Every day we step closer. Every day we experience something that steps us closer to that moment. We know these teams have been doing it for years now and have lots and lots of experience and obviously quality, but we are growing every day and sometimes when there is a fire for you to do something, there is no way you are not going to achieve it. That’s something our players are reminded of every day, light the fire every day. Every result you get that is not what you want is a fire that’s lit, it fuels everything we are trying to do. So for us, we will get absolutely wherever we need to be but every day we will get that little bit better.”

You’ve got a really good young squad, a hungry squad that’s full of quality now and not everybody is going to get the chance to play at Old Trafford. How difficult will that be?

“Football has this weird opportunity of giving you a moment and then taking it away. I won’t take these decisions lightly because we know what the event is but we are still here to win the game. The game plan has to be the most important thing and the players know that, they’re professional and they’re transitioning to a professional model. For us, if you are not starting, you are as supportive as if you were playing. It’s part of the game, we’ll pick a game plan to try and go out to win the game and then everybody will play their part. Whether you only play a minute in the game, you are still as important to what we are doing.”

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