The A-Z of Manchester Utd…..O is for Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer

Best Premier League Odds

The English Premier League is a big competition which in itself attracts numerous bets. This means that the odds are wide spread and therefore lots needs to be done before placing a bet on the matches to get the very best of the bets. The best odds are not that hard to find especially now that there are very good betting sites which come complete with odds from some of the top bookmakers.

5 Worst Places To Wear A Liverpool Shirt

This article highlights the top five place where a Liverpool shirt would cause offense or social discomfort for the wearer. Its hoped that this little guide would help strengthen goodwill towards those clothed in Liverpool shirts.

Should Soccer Use Goal-Line Technology Like Rugby?

Anyone in England who watched the 2010 World Cup game between England and Germany should have been screaming for the introduction of goal-line technology. With England 2-1 down, Frank Lampard fired a shot that clearly crossed the line and would have levelled the scores and probably changed the rest of the match. But the goal was not given and Germany went on to record a comfortable 4-1 win, leaving England to pack and go home. Would technology have made a difference?

How England Can Stop Failing At Major Tournaments And Improve

England can adopt various approaches to stop failing at major tournaments. The FA should encourage the appointment of more English managers because they tend to recruit players from their native countries just like other managers. Players should also be taught technical skills and the physical aspects of the game right from the beginning.

Why England Keeps Failing At Major Tournaments: Players And The Coaching Style As Well As Crazy Fans

The press on numerous occasions over hype English players. This may be done to market the premier league but it is killing English players because they believe the hype and as a result fail to improve their football skills, only to be exposed at tournaments.

Why England Keeps Failing At Major Tournaments: Premier League And UEFA Champions League Greed

England keeps failing at major tournaments because of their greed for money in the premier league and UEFA champions league. They recruit tested and proven foreign players at the expense of developing English players to maximize their earnings.

UEFA – Union of European Football Associations

Introduction: Background and History Confederation name: Union of European Football Associations Acronym: UEFA Established date: 15 June 1954 A.D Date of first congress: 2 March 1955 Headquarter: Nyon, Switzerland First General Secretary: Henri Delaunay First President: Ebbe Schwartz Headquarter(s): Paris, France (1954 – 1959) Bern, Switzerland (1959 – 1995) Nyon, Switzerland (1995 onwards) Headquarter of UEFA at Nyon, Switzerland UEFA, the Union of European Football Associations is one of the six continental football federations. Among the six confederations that are part of FIFA, UEFA stands as the wealthiest…

FC Barcelona: The Guardiola Years

Every generation has a classic football team that everyone remembers. In the 80’s, it was the classic AC Milan team with world class stars such as Guillet, Van Basten and Rijkaard. The 90’s had that amazing Real Madrid side containing Zidane and Carlos Roberto.

Soccer Shops Today

Today’s soccer shops are filled to the rim with soccer equipment that caters to the needs of both novice and expert players alike. Of course this wasn’t always the case. The increase of products on offer in soccer shops is a result of the introduction of new soccer equipment that was meant to help players in their training sessions and their soccer matches.

Skins Compression, Wave of the Future

Any serious athlete of any sport will always be driven to look for different ways to gain a competitive edge over his or her competitors, skins compression garments is just one example of that. The soccer uniforms back in the day were a lot simpler than the soccer kits that the players wear today.

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