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Tom Brady’s heartfelt statement announcing his retirement on Monday captured the hearts of NFL fans around the world after the game’s greatest player of all-time walked away from the sport following a remarkable 22-year career. But some Manchester United fans may feel neglected after the star praised the Glazer family for ‘providing everything he needed to win’.

Brady announced he was closing the curtain on his career on Monday after starting his career all the way back in 2000.

Having been the 199th pick in the sixth round of the NFL Draft, he is considered the game’s best-ever draft steal as he went on to win six Super Bowl titles with the New England Patriots and one with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Having been awarded the Super Bowl MVP title five times alongside breaking many records elsewhere, Brady has a career anyone in the sport would love to replicate.

Yet in his statement, he says none of the achievements in the final years of his career would have been possible without the help of the Glazer family, who own Tampa Bay Buccaneers – the team Brady played for from 2020 until his retirement.

“To the Glazer family, thank you for taking a chance on us and supporting me,” Brady said in his retirement statement.

“I know I was demanding at times, but you provided everything we needed to win, and your ownership was everything a player could ask for.”

This will particularly give United fans a sense of what could have been after years of ‘neglect’ throughout their time at the club.

The Glazer family became United’s majority shareholders in May 2005 after taking control of 75% of the club’s shares.

This allowed Malcolm Glazer to delist the company from the stock exchange, and within a month 98% of the club was owned by the Glazers via the Red Football parent company.

The final purchase price came to around £800million, representing a huge deal at the time for one of football’s biggest clubs.

But this was offset by a £520m loan, and the club have been paying the interest ever since, with Sky claiming the club had a debt of around £526m back in May.

Since then, United have only won five Premier League titles in 17 years – with three of those coming in the four years after the purchase.

Having won eight top-flight titles in the eleven years preceding the takeover, there has been an obvious change in the club’s successes since the Glazers took over.

United fans have a negative relationship with their owners, with numerous protests being staged over the years.

Supporters spoke up on their club’s demise in the height of lockdown as they sent a damning message to the Glazers, whose role in the European Super League project did little to repair relations.

“Supporting the Glazers is an attack on Manchester United Football Club,” a statement read under the banner #notapennymore after protests in May called off the northwest derby against Liverpool.

“To that end, Manchester United fans will boycott your products, seek to tarnish your brands and support your competitors until you terminate your commercial partnership with the Glazer family.

“United fans have sought every possible avenue since the takeover to improve the situation.

“From peaceful protesting and open letters, to fan-led share purchase initiatives and consortium bids – the Glazers have ignored every attempt.

“Even after promising to ‘rebuild trust with fans’ Joel Glazer declined to participate in a Fans Forum last week.

“Desperate, we have been left with no other alternative but to attack what the Glazer family are reliant on: commercial revenue and brand reputation.”

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