Watch Man Utd legend Rio Ferdinand humiliated with nutmeg by freestyle star leading to hilarious shocked reaction

FOOTBALL’s past, present and future are not safe from the panna king, Jack Downer.

Less than two weeks after nutmegging football’s biggest showman, Neymar, Downer took on one of the greatest defenders the world has ever seen in Rio Ferdinand.

Downer slowed down to give Ferdinand hope that he'd come away with the ball


Downer slowed down to give Ferdinand hope that he’d come away with the ballCredit: TIKTOK: STREE_PANNA
Street Panna then flicked the ball through the legendary defender's legs


Street Panna then flicked the ball through the legendary defender’s legsCredit: TIKTOK: STREE_PANNA
Ferdinand was left in shock


Ferdinand was left in shockCredit: TIKTOK: STREE_PANNA
The Man Utd legend could only laugh


The Man Utd legend could only laughCredit: TIKTOK: STREE_PANNA

And as expected, the one-v-one ended in Downer humiliating ex-Manchester United captain Ferdinand with a swift nutmeg.

Ferdinand couldn’t believe the 24-year-old managed to pull off the audacious move and covered his mouth in shock.

On Friday, Downer told SunSport how he manages to execute his nutmegs on football’s biggest stars.

He said: “It’s called M10 and I knew it would work. It has worked on most footballers. I’ve got Riyad Mahrez with it.

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“I also got Patrice Evra with it.

“I knew he’d [Neymar] be conservative which means he’s going to have his legs together – he’s going to be clever.

“Normally for that it means making them feel like they can get the ball which means slowing down your speed.

“Going fast, fast, fast they’re not going to tackle.


“When you change speed they’re going to go for it and that’s what I did.”

Unfortunately for Rio, he fell into the same trap.

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